Jerry has been coaching volleyball at various levels for over 10 years.  He is a Certified Advanced Development Coach, and also holds a Level 3 certification for soccer.  He has been actively playing volleyball for over 30 years, and very much subscribes to the OVA credo of “Volleyball for Life”.  To that end, his coaching philosophy puts development of a love for the game ahead of the pursuit of medals.  Skill development is key, but for true success the individual must pair their skills with a desire to play well with any and all teammates, and a realization that the game is more important than the result.  With that combination, an athlete will learn that losing a hard fought match against a worthy adversary is far more satisfying than a hollow victory against a weaker opponent.  Jerry has a sock drawer stuffed with medals his teams have won, but cherishes the memories of athletes’ individual accomplishments far more.