What is “Club” volleyball?

Club is the term used for competitive volleyball.  This is the equivalent of using the term “Rep” or “Travel” in other sports.

Where does Smash Raiders Volleyball Club run its teams?

We run our teams at a variety of locations throughout the Greater Hamilton Area including Waterdown, Ancaster, and Flamborough.

When do you practice and when are games?

We do our best to establish our practice schedule prior to tryouts.  The schedule is dependent on the availability of our coaches and gyms.  Most teams will practice twice a week on weeknights and practices usually run for 2 hours.  The location of the practice will depend on the availability of practice space.

“Games” take place in a tournament format in the club system.  OVA tournaments all take place on weekends, either on Saturday, Sunday, or both days.  No tournaments take place on weekdays except for the provincial championships and the national championships.  These events usually include weekdays as well as weekends.  Tournaments run in the United States may also take place on a weekday.

Some clubs host their own private tournaments.  These usually take place on weekends as well.  Coaches will determine which events they plan on attending and will establish a tournament schedule with the team when the roster has been finalized.

What age groups do you serve?

We try to accommodate all athletes that express interest in our club to the best of our capabilities. Officially, we have 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U teams. Currently these are all girls teams and there are usually two teams at each age group.

How long is the club season?

Club season runs from September (this is when tryouts take place) and can go into May.  Regular season OVA play begins in November.  The season culminates with provincials which take place in April.  Some teams may choose to attend a post-season tournament such as the National Championships in May.

Who can play club volleyball?

SRVC currently offers teams for females from 12U to 18U.  The number of teams is dependant on the availability of coaches and practice space.

Players of all abilities and experience are welcome to tryout.  We will look at demonstrated ability as well as the athlete’s potential.

When are tryouts for Club teams?

Tryouts take place in September.  Days, times and locations will be posted on the website in late August/early September.

What is the cost of tryouts?

A fee is set each September to help cover the cost of tryouts.

What can I expect at tryouts?

On the day of tryouts, athletes should arrive to check in 30 minutes prior to their tryout session and will be assigned a number and have a picture taken. Following a brief introduction of expectations and selection criteria, our experienced coaching staff will run the athletes through various drills. Athletes will be evaluated on skills such as passing, setting, serving, blocking, defending and attacking. Tactical and behavioral skills will also be evaluated.  Athletes 15U and older, may also be assessed position specifically (setters, middles, etc). Our assessment system then ranks players based on all graded elements. The Selection Committee reviews each athlete to determine athlete ranking and placement on a team.

How many positions are available on a team?

The number of positions available on each team will vary between age groups and depend on the number of athletes that were resigned.  Exact details will be provided at the tryout. Exact allocations will not be known until all tryouts have been completed.  Each team will typically carry 10-12 athletes.

How do I get selected for a team?

Selection is based on the athlete’s demonstrated ability at tryout’s as well as their potential.  Athlete’s should attend all of the tryout sessions to allow the coaches to assess the athlete’s ability.  When selecting athletes, the following areas are considered:

  • Performance of volleyball skills
  • Athleticism, Physical literacy & ability
  • Coachability
  • Position(s) Required & Team Fit
  • Potential

If interest is high, why do you not have more teams?

In order for us to carry a team, we must have qualified coaches for the team and available training space.

Who are the coaches?

All SRVC coaches are volunteers.  They have been selected for their passion and skill in the sport and their desire to help athletes develop.  All coaches must complete a Criminal Background Check and coach education.  There is typically one head coach and at least one assistant coach.

How do I become a coach?

You can email admin@smashraiders.ca and let us know that you are interested.  We will get in touch with you.  There are minimum requirements that must be attained to be a coach.  A criminal record check is mandatory.

How much does the season cost?

Fees vary according to age level and the number of tournaments that teams choose to participate in.   There is a Club Fee which is around $2000-$2500 and a Team Fee based on each team’s tournaments and extra events.  Club fees include:

  • MRS registration
  • Team jersey(s)
  • Club clothing/accessories
  • Equipment
  • Practice Space
  • Tournament entries (4 OVA events)
  • Provincial registration
  • Coach fees (ex. Honorarium, expenses, etc.)
  • Club administration expenses

Payment can be made using cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card.

Team fees will vary depending on the team and the number of additional tournaments, training and events that the team decides to participate in.  Examples of team fees could include tournaments in the United States, additional OVA events, Nationals, strength and conditioning training, team bonding events, etc.

What if my child does not want to play Club volleyball?

SRVC also runs Development programs, Houseleagues and a variety of camps and clinics throughout the year.  Development programs and Houseleague sessions are typically 8-12 weeks in length and there are 3-4 sessions per year.  The camps and clinics are usually run during holidays, March break, in the summer and over Christmas break.

How can I support the Club?

SRVC requests that parents be involved.  Please stay in touch with your coaches.

There are also other ways that you can assist:

  • Each team requires a parent rep to assist with travel, team events, etc.
  • During tournaments, parents may be needed to do lining, scoring or video recording.
  • If you own a business, work for a corporation, etc, the Club has sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact admin@smashraiders.ca for more information on this.