Smash Raiders Volleyball
Head Coach – 15U 1

Albie O’Hanian

Coach Albie has a multitude of coaching experience.  He launched and operated a grade 4-6 volleyball league for private schools and schools from the Hamilton Wentworth Board of Education.  He also coached both boys and girls Junior and Senior Volleyball at middle school for 13 seasons, winning 26 City Championships.  Prior to coming to Smash, Coach Albie was with MVC for 8 seasons, and finished in the top 5 each year at Provincials, including a 2nd and 3rd place finish.  His team also finished 3rd in the country at 17U and won the National Championship at 18U.  Albie has coached 14 players that have gone on to play volleyball at the post-secondary level.

Every year, Albie places value on three things: having fun, development and winning.   The age level and goals of the team dictate what percentage is spent on each.  We place the physical and mental health of the athlete first and foremost.  Then the team needs must be met before individual needs are met.  He believes that everyone has a role that contributes to team success and that is more important than playing time for the sake of playing time.  He feels it is the coaching staff’s responsibility to teach the players the technical, tactical and emotional skills necessary to play volleyball.  It is the players job to have a good attitude, be willing to learn and bring a certain amount of energy to every practice.  There is a common balance between the player and the coach and when a player fails to execute in the game, the coach bears responsibility.  

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