Cory Giacinti

Cory has been coaching OVA volleyball for 4 years and is excited to be moving into his 5th season serving as Head Coach for SRVC’s 16U Cyclones team.

His interest in volleyball started in Grade 7, assisting Frank Lillaman, founder of the Seekers Volleyball Club, with his Grade 8 volleyball practices. His love of the sport grew in high school, where he played as the setter for the Cathedral Boys’ team. In university, Cory focused more on his civil engineering degree at Waterloo but maintained house league play until following graduation.  He advanced his knowledge of the game as a setter alongside former varsity and club players in various men’s & mixed leagues around the Greater Niagara-Hamilton area.

A few years later, when his family grew and his 2 daughters became interested in the sport,  he started coaching house league at Dofasco (ArcelorMittal) Park and was a technical coach for both of their school teams from 2015 to 2018, when joining Smash Raiders.

Cory is set to attain his OVA Development Coach certification soon after the start of the 16U season.  While co-convening a Burlington volleyball league since 2019, he is also working on the Advanced Development Coach certifications for indoor and beach volleyball, which he still actively plays.

As a coach, Cory’s goal is not only to develop and fine-tune the players’ technical abilities, but instill his love of the sport that can strengthen their determination, create life-long friendships, and develop self-confidence: character attributions that aid in all aspects of life!  Cory looks forward to a great season with the 16U Cyclones this season.  Players can expect to be challenged, to excel, and to feel rewarded by the end of this competitive season, especially when they bring home some tournament ‘hardware’ again!

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