David Bailey

David is an NCCP Trained Advanced Development Coach who has coached at the Train to Train stages (age 13-16u) and also at the Train to Compete stage 18U.

David’s highschool and OVA coach was Dave Preston, who instilled a focus on teamwork, hard work, and continued self development.

David was a multi position player during his university playing days, playing middle, left side and then mostly right side over the years. This assists David in coaching, having played most positions at a university level.

David played with the Team Canada Masters 45+ team at the Global Cup World Senior Volleyball Championship in 2019 in Greece, winning a silver medal.

David’s focus is on each athlete looking for small gradual improvements, getting 1-2% better each practice/match. Collectively, as a team this leads to significant development over a season.

David feels, the brain is more powerful than any super computer, but like a computer, you have to feed it with the right information in the right order to be most efficient. Relating to volleyball, focusing on teaching the sequence of eye movements, what are you looking at and in what order, will allow you to make faster and better decisions to anticipate the play….essentially devel0ping a very high volleyball IQ by reading the game well.

Positive self talk is also a focus in David’s coaching.

David takes on the Head Coaching roll with 16U Boom after being the Assistant coach of the team last season.

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