Lukasz Belzyt

With extensive experience on competitive volleyball teams and a deep passion for sports, especially volleyball, Lukasz is excited to join the coaching staff of 15U Rockets. His love for volleyball began in grade 6, the moment he stepped onto the court for his first practice.

Volleyball has always been more than just a game to him; it’s a lifelong passion. Over the past year, Lukasz has fully immersed myself in the sport, actively participating in practice sessions and engaging with the team.

Lukasz firmly believes in the critical importance of strength and conditioning. To him, practice extends beyond the court—it’s an opportunity to demonstrate to coaches and others the hard work and dedication invested outside of practice. He emphasizes the value of consistent effort, both on and off the court, to help players reach their full potential.

As an assistant coach, his mission is to help the athletes become the best players they can be while sharing his passion for volleyball. He is committed to creating a supportive and challenging environment where every athlete feels encouraged to push their limits and grow. His hands-on approach aims to instill a strong work ethic and a deep love for the game in each player. By fostering a culture of enthusiasm, dedication, and teamwork, he hopes to inspire athletes to excel in volleyball and carry these valuable lessons into their everyday lives.

Volleyball has brought Lukasz immense joy and fulfillment, and he is eager to pass on that joy to the young athletes that he has the privilege of coaching. Together, they will work hard, have fun, and create lasting memories on and off the court.

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