Assistant Coach – 16U 1 Assistant Coach – 15U Dynamite

Mark Stevens

A Certified Developmental Coach and a Trained Advanced Development Coach. He is the former President of the Waterdown Raiders VC until merging clubs with Smash VC in 2019.

Mark was an active athlete in many sports including basketball & volleyball over his lifetime. He was re-introduced to the sport with the development and popularity of beach volleyball in the late ’80’s. Ever since he has been involved with volleyball in some way as an athlete, coach, organizer and Club President in both Youth & Adult programs. Mark’s accomplishments and successes take a backseat to his passion and dedication for the sport.

Mark is a competitive and caring coach who gets the most from his athletes. He believes that developing a love for the sport is the first priority for coaches in developing young athletes. Building on this, a coach needs to provide a supportive, knowledgeable and challenging experience to promote an athlete’s desire to succeed in their sports career.

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